Data Center


Crafted for efficiency, built for growth

We go beyond traditional data centers to offer flexible and scalable solutions. We’re not brick-and-mortar builders, but critical systems architects, shaping sprawling data empires – from nimble edge outposts to hyperscale fortresses guarding and supporting your most precious assets. Sustainability and resiliency is at the core of everything we do, with built-in redundancy measures and advanced energy management solutions to ensure resiliency.

We build robust and reliable data center infrastructure that supports your business growth. We architect and construct the information highways of your business, paved with our very own branded copper and fiber cables. We deploy high-performance systems equipment to ensure efficient and secure operations.

We pioneered the adoption of modular data centers for our local operations, revolutionizing efficiency and laying the foundation of our journey which has led the way for Sri Lanka’s premier private cloud. Our Data Center Solutions aren’t just infrastructure, it’s a living ecosystem, nimble and adaptable, evolving alongside your needs.

Data Center services portfolio

  • End-to-end data center design, consultancy, and operations services
  • Customized services for various stages of the DC life-cycle and client requirements
  • On-call support and expert intervention
  • One of South-East Asia’s most accomplished design teams

Site selection and assessment

  • Site assessment starts your data center journey, analyzing vulnerabilities, characteristics, and impact on efficiency/reliability
  • New data center sites evaluated to global standards, prioritizing budget and your specific needs
  • Assess location, access, infrastructure, environment, and risk
  • Evaluation of floor capacity, space, structure, modifiability, and energy upgradability
  • Rigorous on-site inspections and latest tools ensure a thorough data center site assessment

Co-Lo sourcing and assessment

  • Match location to business needs for efficient operations and maintenance
  • Prioritize reliable, high-bandwidth connectivity for seamless operations
  • Ensure robust security with physical & digital measures (cameras, biometrics) and maximum resiliency
  • Evaluate additional & customized services to support your business initiatives

Planning and design

  • Certified design team
    • TIA-942 CTDC and CTIA
    • Uptime TS:T
    • Professional Engineers: PHD, MSC, and BSC Levels
    • Members of industry associations (TIA, BICSI, ISC, CSA, APNIC, etc…)
  • Unique global experiences
  • Hands-on implementation experience allows the design of practicable designs

Construction management

  • Construction and project management to ensure on-time delivery
  • Constant monitoring of quality to build resilient systems
  • On-site testing and commissioning witnessing
  • Specialized commissioning services
    • Level 1 – Level 4 testing
    • Integrated systems testing
  • Final documentation validation
  • Quantity assessments


  • Comprehensive business impact analyses
  • DR / Cutover planning
  • Vendor selection and scope validation support
  • On-site inspection and management
  • Final testing, commissioning, and documentation


  • Data Center facility operations (DCaaS)
  • Operations planning and training
  • Process creation and monitoring
  • Network operations center
    • Onsite and/or remote
  • Security operations center
    • Onsite and/or remote

Cloud operations

  • Managing cloud infrastructure
    • NOC and SOC services
    • Hands-on technical intervention
  • Level 1 – Level 3 support
    • Huawei global services partner
  • Maintaining customer SLAs
  • Managing and monitoring cloud tenants
  • Creating multi-cloud and hybrid cloud strategies

Efficiency improvement

  • Operations efficiency
    • Energy saving
    • HR optimization
    • Carbon footprint minimization
  • Facility efficiency
    • Retrofitting and upgrades
  • Sustainable technologies
    • Evaluation and implementation

Problem resolution

  • On demand support for critical issue resolution
  • Root cause analyses
  • Forensic audits
    • Facility
    • Physical security
    • Logical security